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My journey in aesthetic medicine started over 15 years ago and has culminated with the founding of Dr. Bector Cosmetics.

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Why Dr. Bector?


Hi my name is Dr. Neel Bector a.k.a Lip Doctor (visit our location to find out why). My Dr. Bector Cosmetics clinic prioritizes patient education and knowledge, both in terms of options and procedures. As a family physician, I’ve learned that open communication with my patients is essential in achieving great outcomes. I’ve brought that style of active listening to my aesthetics practice. In our initial meeting, I will get a sense for who you are and what you want to achieve. Together we will take that information and formulate a step-by-step plan to create a beautiful, natural, and personalized look that you will love!

I hate telling people it cannot be done! In providing you with the most flexibility of treatment options, I have sought to continually upgrade my knowledge and skills. Over the past year alone I have attended training in Paris, the United States, Mexico and here at home, in Canada.

My aesthetic philosophy revolves around an individualized approach and analysis of your existing features. With this starting point I will work with you to enhance certain features and soften others, and to slow down the aging process to achieve a gorgeous result.

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